SelfLoveU is a community of people who come together to heal. Our goal is to learn to love ourselves and to discontinue toxic relationships. It is necessary for us to have community guidelines in order to protect our subscribers, members and clients. The following guidelines are required to be followed by each member of the community. These guidelines are subject to change as our community grows and new issues arise for the protection, comfort and safety of our members.

***If you are experiencing an emergency, contact 911 or the local medical assistance in your country.***

  • About SelfLoveU

    • SelfLoveU is not a trained or certified therapist.
    • SelfLoveU is not certified in counseling
    • Life Coaching services are not a substitute for licensed medical assistance.
    • SelfLoveU reserves the right to discontinue services for anyone for any reason.
    • SelfLoveU conducts services through Zoom Calls.
    • SelfLoveU works with people around the world to help you overcome life challenges.
  • Code of Conduct

    • No advertising your business on SelfLoveU coaching calls.
    • No attempt to communicate with other members of the group during SelfLoveU calls.
    • No self promotion on SelfLoveU group coaching calls.
    • No disrespect of leader or any other member on SelfLoveU group coaching calls.
  • Cancellations & Refunds

    SelfLoveU does not provide refunds for our services. If you schedule a time with a Life Coach, you are expected to maintain that time. If you cancel the appointment, you can reschedule before 24 hours of the appointment. If you are unable to make the appointment, you are still responsible for payment for the time reserved, unless you notify SelfLoveU 24 hours in advance.

    You must pay in advance for coaching services prior to being put on the schedule.

    If you are removed from the group due to a Conduct Violation, you will forfeit your place in the group and no refund will be provided.

    Our goal is to serve our members and facilitate healing and life change. It is necessary that we have community guidelines in order to facilitate smooth interactions and a calm, respectful atmosphere during our coaching calls.

    If you wish to cancel, please go to Manage Your Account and fill out the form to cancel.

  • Conduct Violations

    From time to time there may be conduct violations made by members of the SelfLoveU Coaching Community. If this occurs, we will provide the member with a warning. If the warning is not heeded in the future, SelfLoveU will remove the member from the group and no refund will be provided.

    • Violation of the Community Guidelines will result in the following:
      1. Warning – Email regarding Conduct Violation
      2. Removal from Group
  • Privacy & Confidentiality

    • All information provided to SelfLoveU is confidential and will not be shared.
    • All Members agree to keep the information of other members confidential.
    • Your Coaching Subscription and/or Coaching Sessions will not be discussed with any 3rd party.